October 16, 2007

Backing up specific SharePoint web sites

With Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, you can back up and restore site collections hosted on your server. You can use this backup and restore method to replace a site collection that has become corrupted, or that contains changes that need to be rolled back (for example, if you need to recover a list or a list item that was deleted accidentally). This backup and restore method is not dependent on the type of database server that you are using.
When you back up a site collection, you back up the content database for the site collection, including all pages in the site, files in document libraries or lists, security and permission settings, and feature settings. The backup process creates a single file that contains all of this data. You can then restore your site collection to either the same location, or to a new location. The backup file for a site includes any subsites of the site collection.

To backup/restore a site, you use the backup/restore operation with the Stsadm.exe command-line tool. Therefore, you can automate the backup process by using a batch file, a script, or the Scheduled Tasks item on Microsoft Windows Control Panel.

Example of backup: stsadm -o backup -urlhttp://server/site -filename backupFile.dat -overwrite
Example of restore: stsadm -o restore -urlhttp://server/site -filename backupFile.dat

Example of restore: stsadm -o restore

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